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In 1969, when the Paul Is Dead Rumor had everyone in an uproar, I was a young junior high student who thought it was all nonsense like a lot of people. It was almost 1980, before I came across an article about different theories about the clues that my interest in the subject began to peak. Soon, I came up with my own theory and a new set of clues that gave a different meaning to the subject. I know what I'm about to say is as bizarre as believing that Paul actually died in 1966, but I think it is at least another way to look at those PID clues that have been puzzling so many of us for so long.

My research brought me to the Book of Revelations 4:1. Here the four living creatures or the four beasts are introduced. The four beasts are actually the cherubim: God's highest angels. But, in this part of the Bible they are described as four beasts "the first was like a lion, the second was like an ox, the third had a face like a man, the fourth was like a flying eagle. They were standing around a throne and from the throne can be seen flashes of lightning, rumblings and thunder. A rainbow encircled the throne. If you look at the cover of Magical Mystery Tour, it seems that the Beatles took their idea for this album cover right from this Bible passage. The Beatles, of course, are dressed like four beasts, there is lightning around them and a rainbow in front of them and they appear suspended in the sky surrounded by stars.

What does this have to do with the Paul is Dead clues? These four beasts are the angels of judgement and they call out the four horses that bring destruction to the earth. The fourth horse is a pale horse and it's rider is Death. Paul probably represents the fourth angel that calls death upon the earth. For this reason, so many of the symbols of death seem to involve Paul. But, a lot of the death symbols may also represent overall death and destruction that occurs at this time.

The first horse is a white horse and his role is to ride out as a conqueror bent on conquest. John may represent this horse. He is the first in line crossing Abbey Road and he is dressed completely in white. John is also best know for his peace activism. Perhaps as a way of telling us, he does not want this type of judgement to have to befall the planet.

The second beast calls out a fiery red horse. This horse is given the power to take peace from the earth. This horse probably represents Ringo although there are not a lot of clues involving Ringo that I found.

The third beast calls out a black horse that brings famine to the earth. George seems to represent this horse. George named his record company "Dark Horse" and always considered himself the "dark horse" of the Beatles. Also on the Strawberry Fields video the Beatles can be seen riding horses. George is the only one riding a dark horse. The other three Beatles appear to be riding white horses. It was George who brought famine in the world to the forefront with Concert For Bangladesh. Interestingly, also, on "The Dark Horse Years" DVD, George makes an unusual statement. In one part of an interview on the DVD, he starts to talk about how "I might have made a few movies and records, but the real me is something else." The interviewer than asks him "Can you tell us about who the real you is?" You would expect George to start going into his usual spiritual explanation. But, he doesn't. Instead, he responds impatiently, "you have to figure that out." He seems to be saying pretty directly that there is some information out there about the Beatles real identity that we need to figure out for ourselves.

Another clue, that took me to the Book of Revelations, is the fact that the Book of St. Jude and the Book of Revelations occur together as the last two books in the Bible. The Book of St. Jude is especially written for people alive at the end times as a last warning of the destruction that will come if people don't change. The songs "Hey Jude" and "Revolution" were also released back to back. The song "Hey Jude" seems to have a similiar message as the book of St. Jude "take a sad song and make it better." People are told to pray to St. Jude when they are in a hopeless situation. Paul makes the audience sing along to "Hey Jude" at all his concerts as if the masses are singing a secular hymn to St. Jude.

The four beasts or the Cherubim are first seen in the Book of Genesis. They guard the Garden of Eden after Adam and Eve are cast out after eating the forbidden apple. What did the Beatles name their record company? "Apple" of course. The second place the four beasts are seen is in the Book of Ezekiel. Ezekiel describes the four beasts as surrounded by wheels: "when the living creatures moved the wheels moved with them, and when the living creatures rose, the wheels rose with them."

On "Double Fantasy" John wrote a song named "Watching the Wheels." John claimed he spent the whole day watching the wheels go by. What made "wheels" so important to him?

John gives us a few other clues to his real identity. In the song "Yer Blues" on The White Album, he sings "my father is of the earth, my mother is of the sky, but I am of the universe." He seems to imply that he is different than most other humans and this difference is making him so lonely and unhappy that he wants to die. John seems to be having difficulty with his mission here.

Another time, John refers to angels is during the late 1970's during his househusband period in the Dakota in the letter he and Yoko wrote to the New York Times. In this letter, John talks about how he is doing. But, he makes some interesting statements about angels. At one point, he says, "Maybe we are all angels in disguise." Then, he says, "there were three angels looking over me as I wrote this."

Some people thought the three angels were Paul, George and Ringo. Was he really saying that the Beatles are angels in disguise?

In the Rolling Stone Interview "Lennon Remembers", John also makes some unusual comments about who the Beatles really are. At one point, in the interview, Jann Wenner says to John, "there is a belief that the Beatles are God or messengers from God." Does John stop this rumor? No, His answer is, "If there is a God, we are all of that."

There are numerous other references to angels among the Beatles solo work. Paul, for example, naming his new band "Wings." In the song "Blackbird," the lyric "take this broken wing and learn to fly," may also be a reference to angels on earth trying to make it without their wings. On the cover of the "Ringo" album, a small angel can be seen standing next to Ringo. All four Beatles contributed to this album. On the "Best of George Harrison" George can be seen wearing a tee-shirt with this same angel on it.

Most recently, there has been information in the news about the Maharishi telling George and Deepak Chopra that he could never be upset at the Beatles because he always knew they were angels on earth. One article claimed that George started to cry when the Maharishi said this to him and later told Deepak Chopra that he couldn't lie to the Maharishi. How long has Deepak Chopra known this secret? In 2000, he wrote a book called "The Angel is Near" which is about an angel coming to earth while the world hangs in balance.

Overall, there is a lot of evidence suggesting the Beatles were trying to make us think they were four angels. Maybe it was just a joke they thought up while on an acid trip.

But, then, again, reflecting back on the enmorous influence the Beatles had on the planet over almost a half a century, it does make you wonder if something a little more magical is going on.
© Gerry beatlesnumber9

Timothy Leary also believed The Beatles were agents of God, though not aware of it. The world is mysterious and who knows? Maybe some day in the future The Beatles will be a religion. They are already mythical legends. What do you think?

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