The Beatles Relationship with the USA and Gambling

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The Beatles was one of the most influential rock groups of all time and you can still see B-A Tribute to the Beatles at The Planet Hollywood Hotel & Casino. Vegas has many different casino and games, if you are heading to America and get the chance to visit Las Vegas, and you are a Beatles fan then it is a must. If you go to Vegas not only will you be able to visit tribute bands that sing The Beatles greatest hits you may even find fortune by playing a variety of themed slot games like deal or no deal, and many other classic casino games. The Beatles had a very strong presence all over America including Vegas as well as being a big in the UK.

The Beatles had mass success in America during the 1960s and it was a significant development in the history of their overall success. In addition to establishing the Beatlesí international statue, it changed the attitude to popular music in the United States, whose own Memphis-driven musical evolution had made it a global trend-setter. The music industry in America was lead in Memphis which had a large role in bringing bands in the American public limelight. The Beatles was inspired by this sound and emulated the sound of Elvis Presley, and Lennon himself stated that without Elvis they would have not been the Beatles. During their United States tour, the band was introduced to both Elvis Presley and Bob Dylan. Presley also suggested a gathering in which they played music together for an hour. The band then had another meeting with Bob Dylan which lead to both artist inspiring each other, as Dylan adopted his style and began playing electric guitar and Lennon even changed his own vocals, and guitar playing styles. The Beatles first toured to the states after they had intense popularity in Britain. The bandís UK commercial breakthrough, came about in late 1962, which had been followed by a year of incredibly successful tours and concerts. The band then became popular in the United States in early 1964, which was monitored by the demand for the single ĎI want to Hold Your Handí, the single managed to sell over one and a half million copies in under three weeks. The visit across the seas, to the United States, was hugely advertised on five million posters. This was a turning point in the musical industry as well as the starting point of the British invasion into American culture. The Beatles made several appearances in popular television shows during their visit in February 1964, they then decided to return to the States in August the same year, and then the following year. IN August 1966 they returned once more, there tour commercially was increasingly successful. However it did coincide with a U.S public protest after there was publication of a quote from John Lennonís remarks about Christianity. The tour that the Beatles had in 1966 was the end of the Beatlesí concert days. The band then did no longer perform commercial concerts; instead they began creating new material to record in studios.

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